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Pros and Cons of Solar Power: Benefits and Limitations

Solar power has recently had a massive surge in popularity. You may be wondering, is solar power right for me? There are several essential things to know when considering what power source is appropriate for your setup. Solar power has many advantages, such as reducing your carbon footprint, reduced rates on electricity bills, and being … Read more

Best Whole House Generator Reviews – 2022 Home Standby

A standby generator is a backup system that automatically works during power outages. If you live in an area where blackouts are the norm and go out for hours, then you will benefit from a whole house generator. From bad weather to natural disasters, many situations can leave us with no power. Without electricity, much … Read more

Best Solar Generator Reviews 2022 – Chart & Guide

Finding a solar-powered generator that fits your needs can be difficult. You want the best solar generator; however, every manufacturer claims that their brand is the best. With our solar generator reviews, comparison tables, and buyers guide; we will help guide you in your search. Showing you different sizes and models from various brands. Our … Read more

Champion Power Equipment 4500-Watt Review

The Champion Power Equipment 200987 inverter generator provides reliable portable power supported by clean energy and quiet technology. With 3500 rated watts and 4500 surge watts, it can handle your power requirements at home or while traveling. It’s easy to use and works in all weather conditions. The Champion Power Equipment 4500-watt is fitted with … Read more

Portable vs Standby: The Key Differences

Depending on your location, project, or situation, you may require a power source to maintain your electrical operations. Here we will weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of a portable vs standby generator. There are many units available from different manufacturers, styles, and several variables to consider. Whether for emergency or recreational use, standby or … Read more

Generac GP2500i Review | GP Series Inverter

The Generac GP2500i is a compact powerhouse, who’s small size hides a robust product. While not all perfect, the pros of this model greatly outweigh its flaws. For full specs, pros, cons, and other models in the same GP series, read our Generac GP2500i review below. It’s easy to start, fuel-efficient, and it makes an … Read more

Champion Power Equipment 8750-Watt DH Review

Champion Power Equipment is one of the best names when it comes to creating power generating tools. From inverters to portable generators, they have it all. Their most impressive line is the Digital Hybrid Series, and the Champion Power Equipment 8750-Watt open frame inverter generator is a prime example of that. The DH Series comes … Read more

Generator vs Inverter Generator: What’s the Difference?

conventional genset

The terms ‘generator’, ‘power inverter,’ and ‘inverter generator’ may seem indistinguishable. However, they are not the same. In this post, we will discuss the difference between a conventional generator vs inverter generator. Plus, explain the key features that set them apart. To understand the difference between inverter generators and conventional generators. We’ll start by looking … Read more

Honda EU2200i Review | A Strong Contender

For many years, Honda Power Equipment has been known to be one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to producing high-quality and reliable products. That is also especially true for their portable outdoor generators. To start with our Honda EU2200i generator review, let’s look at what makes this generator unique and a better option … Read more

Safest Ways to Connect a Portable Generator to a House

If you are wondering what is the safest way to connect a portable generator to your home, RV, or private business, then read along. Power availability is of utmost importance. Occasionally, though, the power grid is faced with challenges that lead to unpredictable power blackouts. You are busy watching your favorite program, listening to nostalgic … Read more