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Best 10000 Watt Generator (2023 Features & Reviews)

What would you do if you were one of the 2 million people left without power after the tropical storm Isaias? Alone, in the dark, without basic appliances. The best 10000-watt generator would solve all your problems. Apart from emergency use in a power outage, you can use it for your entire house or power RV accessories and make sure your camping trips are successful.

A 10000-watt generator will be more than enough to meet all your needs. Not only are these generators popular because of the maximum power they provide, but you can expect easy transportation as well, despite their magnitude. Having portable power is always useful, so make sure you get the best one.

Here’s where we come in. We tried and tested the best products currently on the market and narrowed down the choice to the top ten. You’ll find detailed reviews with pros and cons we noticed to help you make the right choice for you. So let’s get started.

Ten Best 10000 Watt Generators

Westinghouse WGen9500

Our Top Pick

Westinghouse WGen9500

  • Convenient Remote Start
  • Fuel-Efficient
  • Extended Run Time
  • CARB-Compliant
DuroMax XP12000EH

DuroMax XP12000EH

  • Dual-Fuel Capability
  • Electric Start
  • A Wide Selection of Outlets
  • Ideal for Heavy-Duty Use

Budget Choice


  • Dual-Fuel Option
  • Transfer Switch Ready
  • Excellent Price Point
DuroStar DS10000E

DuroStar DS10000E

  • Electric Start
  • Multiple Power Outlets
  • CARB-Compliant
  • Affordable Choice
Generac GP8000E

Generac GP8000E

  • A Reliable Engine
  • Easy to Use
  • Various Safety Features
  • Ideal for High Wattage Appliances
Pulsar G12KBN

Pulsar G12KBN

  • A Powerful Engine
  • High Wattage Rating
  • Long Run Time
  • 120V & 240V Outlets
Champion 10,000 watt generator

Champion Power Equipment 100297

  • Easy Start in Cold Weather Conditions
  • Dual Fuel Capability
  • CARB-Compliant
  • A Good Warranty
Honda EB10000

Best for the Job Site

Honda EB10000

  • Reliable Manufacturer
  • Quiet Operation
  • Ideal for Industrial Use
Firman H08051

Firman H08051

  • Convenient Hour Meter
  • Hybrid Dual Fuel
  • 30-Amp & 50-Amp Outlets
  • Ideal for RVs & Trailers
Generac 10,000 watt generator

Best for Home Backup

Generac 7172

  • Comes with a Transfer Switch
  • Automatic Self Test Mode
  • Extended Warranty

1. Westinghouse WGen9500 Generator

the best 10000 watt generator

The Westinghouse WGen9500 is one of the best 10,000-watt generators. It provides 12500 starting watts and 9500 running watts, rendering enough power output for multiple appliances. The run time can vary from 9 to 17 hours, depending on how much continuous operation and power you get from it.

Protected by a heavy-duty frame, the 457cc OHV engine is easy to use and maintain. It has a remote start key fob and electric start. This allows you to power this generator from a distance. There’s also an emergency recoil starter if the previous two don’t work.

The control panel has multiple power outlets, including two USB ports, two GFCI household-style outlets, one transfer switch ready 120/240V twist-lock outlet that is 30-amp, and another that is 50-amp. This portable generator gives you convenient accessories such as an oil funnel and bottle, a battery, and a charger.

If the size is important to you because of limited space, you should be aware that this is a heavy-duty generator with 220 pounds. This means you’ll need a bit more room for it, and consider putting it at least 20ft away from your home for less noise.


  • The operating noise level is 74 decibels, which is not as loud as other generators in this range.
  • With a 6.6-gallon fuel tank capacity, you get 12 hours of run time at half load, which is more than enough for essential appliances or on the job site.
  • It comes with multiple outlets for all your needs, with added safety in the shape of rubber covers. It’s RV, transfer switch ready, which allows quick and easy setup.
  • The remote start feature is convenient for quick or emergency starting.
  • LED screen to display the frequency, voltage, and lifetime run hours.


  • Although you get solid polyurethane wheels in the wheel kit, they could be of better quality considering the size of the unit.
  • It comes with a helpful user manual, but arm yourself with patience if you need additional support.

2. DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel

testing the wheel kit

The next one we determined should be in our top ten selection is the DuroMax XP12000EH dual fuel unit. It has a slightly lower peak power of 12000 watts compared to the Westinghouse. But with a running power of 9500 watts, you can rely on it for heavy residential use during a power outage.

Whether you use it for home appliances, construction equipment, or as a backup power source in emergencies, the 457cc OHV engine will deliver. This powerful generator can handle heavy demands, all while being easy to use and maintain.

It runs up to 9 hours on gasoline and 7 hours on propane with a 50% load. The sound level is similar to the previous generator, at 74 dB. So if you want a smooth and quiet operation, you can set up the generator a bit further from your home.

This dual fuel unit comes with multiple outlets that would support various uses. It includes two 120V GFCI household-style outlets, one 120/240V 50-amp outlet, one 120V 30-amp twist-lock outlet, and another 120/240V twist-lock outlet. As for the accessories, you get an oil funnel, a set of tools, DC cables, and a spark plug wrench. It’s also EPA certified and CARB-compliant, making it safe to use in California and all 50 states.


  • Powering high voltage appliances is a specialty of this unit due to the MX2 power boost technology.
  • The dual-fuel capability makes it versatile and gives you more options.
  • User friendly with an electric start system and low oil shutdown mechanism.
  • If being cost-effective is essential to you, then this is a good option.


  • The wheel kit that comes with this unit is insufficient and cannot hold the 224 pounds they are supposed to.
  • You’ll be able to set the unit up and run it in no time, but we recommend going online and looking for the latest user manual. The manual that comes with the unit is a bit outdated, so you may get confused.

3. WEN DF1100T 11000 Watt Generator

generator with a propane tank

Let’s continue with the 10000-watt portable generator by Wen products. This dual fuel generator works with either gasoline or liquid propane gas. If you use liquid propane, you can get 9500 starting watts and 7500 running watts. You also get a 47-inch propane fuel hose for quick setup. But if you use gasoline, you get more power output of 11000 surge watts and 8300 watts running power.

The four-stroke OHV engine is powered by an electric start. With a 6.6-gallon fuel tank capacity, the generator can run up to 8.5 hours on half load, which means it’s fuel-efficient and better for your wallet. This dual-fuel generator gives you flexibility, and we find that having choices is always better than having to stick to one fuel type. 

As for the control panel, it’s relatively easy to use, even for beginners. As for power outlets, you have various options here as well. It has four household outlets, one 120V 30A twist-lock outlet, one 120/240V 50A outlet, and a 12V DC adapter plug. In any case, you get a comprehensive owner’s manual which you can and should use while setting up your generator. Finally, it is EPA certified and also CARB-approved.


  • It supports 120V and 240V outlets and can be connected with a transfer switch.
  • Dual-fuel technology with a fuel selector switch.
  • It has an electric start and works with a turn of a key.
  • LED display to keep track of the voltage, frequency, runtime.
  • It has handles that can be folded away and 9.5-inch heavy-duty wheels, which are rugged, easy to set up, and dissembled for more accessible transportation or storage.


  • The included battery is not the best. It may need to be jump-started in order to use. Although the manufacturer claims the battery comes fully charged, that may not be the case.
  • This portable generator requires you to change the oil every 25 hours. This may not be ideal for extended use in camping sites or remote areas.

4. DuroStar DS10000E 10000 Watt Generator

10000 watt for home back up

For our next pick, we choose the DuroStar 10000 watt portable generator. It is less heavy-duty with “just” 129 pounds. But with 10000 watts peak power and 8000 watts running power, it absolutely earns a place on our list. 

It features a powerful air-cooled engine and runs over 10 hours with a fuel tank capacity of 8.2 gallons at 50% load. It also has an idle control feature that allows for saving fuel, money, and ease of prolonged use. Together with low oil warning light, you get a cost-effective unit.

This gas-powered generator is much lighter than the previous units we reviewed; it’s also much easier to transport. It’s great for home use during power outages to run the refrigerator, air conditioner, and sump pump.

And if you have high power needs at the construction site or a remote job site, you can use it to run air compressors, electric saws, and drills. Apart from being fuel-efficient, this portable generator is also very versatile with various connection options. It includes two household outlets, one 120V 30-amp twist-lock outlet, one 120/240V twist-lock outlet that is 30-amp, and another that is 50-amp. Like the DuroMax generators, DuroStar is also CARB-compliant, which means fewer carbon emissions.


  • The price point is good considering that it is powerful enough to run an entire house.
  • The fuel tank size is very satisfactory, and this capacity will meet the needs of many users.
  • It has an electric start and a backup manual recoil starter.
  • The power panel has several receptacles options.


  • It’s a heavy-duty generator, but we feel it should be quieter considering it is a bit less powerful.
  • This portable generator would benefit from better wheels. After a demanding unboxing process, the assembly was easy, but it was challenging to wheel it around.

5. Generac GP8000E Generator

heavy duty 10,000 watt generator

The Generac GP8000E is one of the best-rated portable generators that offer a fully-featured power panel. This 10000-watt generator features the PowerRush advanced technology, which increases the starting capacity by 30%. It allows you to easily start high-wattage electric machines by supplying more electrical current above the rated output.

The 8000 running watts of this propane-powered generator together with a large-capacity fuel tank allow 11 hours of continuous operation at half load.

You can use it for high amperage power tools, small appliances, or an entire household. The OHV engine ensures smooth operation and durability since it features splash lubrication.

The control panel has protected covered outlets, including 120V GFCI duplex outlets and a 120/240V 30-amp twist-lock outlet with circuit breakers nearby.

At the same time, there is the low oil sensor, a fuel gauge, never-flat wheels, and collapsible handles as well. This portable generator also has a steel-tube cradle for added protection to the engine and the fuel tank. In addition, it is CARB-approved and backed by a three-year limited warranty and good customer service.


  • Fuel efficiency coupled with the PowerRush technology for more demanding tasks.
  • An electric push start for easy ignition with a push of a button.
  • An hour-meter to keep track of the generator’s power usage and maintenance intervals.
  • The 7.9-gallon capacity fuel tank yields 5 to 15 hours of runtime depending on the load.


  • The handle and the wheels are a bit unstable when you move the generator, but they still hold more than 200 pounds. Considering that, they work well.
  • You can only charge the battery of the electric start from the included 120V charger.

6. Pulsar G12KBN 12000 Watt Generator

generator with a gas tank

Moving on to this portable generator from Pulsar, which is an absolute beast. Not only is it powerful, but it’s also dual fuel. It features a large fuel tank capacity that makes it perfect for the job site, food truck, or home during an extended power outage or other natural disasters.

You can fill it with both gasoline and propane. If you want to get maximum power output, use gasoline. In that case, you can expect a 12000-watt surge capacity and 9500 continuous watts. If you decide on propane, you’ll get 10800-watt peak power and 8550 running watts, which is still more than enough.

The 4-stroke OHV engine has a frame coated with powder for more durability. And with the high-capacity fuel tank, you can run this unit for 12 hours on gasoline at 50% load.

Despite being pretty heavy, the 10-inch wheels and drop down handles make it easy to transport. As for the power panel, it has four 120V 20-amp outlets for home appliances. There is also one 120/240V 30-amp twist-lock outlet, one 120/240V 50-amp outlet, and a 12V DC port for charging batteries. And you can find the circuit breakers near all the outlets. Other key features include the low oil shutoff sensor, fuel gauge, and automatic regulation of voltage.


  • An electric push start and a pull recoil start.
  • The control panel has six outlets offering a wide array of power connections for maximum compatibility.
  • A digital hour-meter shows you the voltage, frequency, and run hours.


  • It has a one-year warranty, which is somewhat limited compared to other models in our top selection.
  • You need to buy the oil beforehand since it doesn’t come in the package. If you need your generator ready to go, you have to make sure to have oil.

7. Champion Power Equipment 100297 Dual Fuel

dual fuel 10,000 watt generator

The next one on our top selection is a real champion in the dual fuel generator category. The Champion 10000 watt portable generator has a steady power output of 8000 watts. The air-cooled engine is ready to supply power for all your appliances and devices.

It comes with everything needed to get started. For example, the propane hose, engine oil, funnel, and wheel kit. Once it starts, it can run up to 8 hours on gasoline and 5 hours on liquid propane at half load. This makes it a perfect option during a power outage, especially in light of all the natural disasters across the globe.

As for the sound level, it is slightly louder when placed nearby, similar to other units in this range. However, nothing out of the ordinary for the 10000-watt generators category.

The frame, wheels, and handles are high quality. So despite the heavyweight being 210 pounds, you can expect durability. It’s also CARB-compliant and comes with a three-year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.


  • Dual-fuel capability and a wide variety of power outlets to choose from. All of which are protected by ground fault circuit interrupters.
  • A three-mode gauge that allows you to monitor the runtime and voltage. So you know when your generator needs maintenance.
  • User-friendly features include cold-start technology,automatic low oil shutdown, and voltage protection.


  • The manufacturer claims it’s a bit louder than a vacuum, which is not entirely true. As we said, it’s tolerable but not vacuum-tolerable. It is a bit louder than that. However, there are some ways to manage the noise level that you can check.
  • It may take more than just three pulls to start.

8. Honda EB10000 10,000 Watt Generator

10000 watt heavy duty power

The Honda is one of the best 10000-watt generators with industry-standard features. This industrial series generator is ideal for high power demands. It meets OSHA requirements for the job site and has a 688cc reliable engine. And it’s also very easy to maintain.

The 8-gallon fuel tank can run for 5.4 hours at 100% load and almost 8 at 50% load. It also offers a variety of power outlets to accommodate different needs. It has two GFCI neutral bonded outlets, a 120V 30A locking plug, a 120/240V 30A locking plug, and a 120/240V 50A locking plug.

Other key features are the digital voltage regulator, oil alert technology, electronic circuit breaker, and USDA-approved spark arrestor. You can expect smooth operation with consistent power.

Considering this unit is over 400 pounds, you may think it will be very cumbersome. However, this is not the case. The generator has foldable handles, sturdy wheels, and reinforced standing legs. Because of this, it can be moved easily or stay in place despite the weight.


  • Fuel-efficient and has an electronic start.
  • LCD hour-meter for monitoring various performance and usage metrics.
  • It has a sound level of 73 decibels at full load, making it the quietest in its power range.
  • Co-Minder system for detecting carbon monoxide levels. This safety system automatically shuts the generator down if CO levels become too high.


  • It comes with a hefty price point, which could be too high for some. However, it may be justified considering the feature and the brand name.
  • This generator is primarily designed for construction jobs and will not work out of the box for home power. It may require to be grounded and a professional electrician to make some changes for the wiring.

9. Firman H08051 10000 Watt Generator

RV ready 10000 watt

This Fireman unit is a 10000-watt generator that comes with a more affordable price point. It has a powerful 439cc OHV engine, so you get flexibility for less. At the same time, you get many great features. It makes a perfect choice for emergency power, farms, trailers, RVs, and food trucks.

For starters, you can power this unit with both gasoline and propane. The 8-gallon fuel tank is enough to run the generator on gas for around 10 hours. If you use propane, you can expect about 6 hours.

This portable generator has enough power to run all your critical appliances. These include the light fixtures, refrigerator, deep freezer, well-pump, window air condition, or furnace.

It also has various powering options, including duplex residential outlets, a 120V 30-amp twist-lock outlet, a 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlet, and a 120/240V 50A outlet. Although it’s heavy at 212 pounds, the wheels it comes with do their job and make the unit pretty portable.

We found that the manual it comes with is more than enough for setting it up. It’s easy to set up since you only need to put the wheels on, add fuel and oil, and with the electric start system, you can power it in no time. A three-year warranty also covers it, and you can always contact Fireman’s excellent customer support for additional help.


  • Hybrid dual-fuel capabilities, runs on both propane and gasoline.
  • An electric start that works with a simple switch.
  • The hour-meter is essential for tracking power usage and maintenance.


  • The handle is not very durable and can be affected by the vibrations the generator produces when it’s running.
  • The manufacturer claims you can get 12 hours out of this unit on gasoline, but we didn’t confirm this claim.

10. Generac 10KW Generator

10 kw generator

Last but not least is something a bit different. It’s a home standby generator from Generac that is packed with unique features to make your life much easier. Let’s begin with the fact that this unit has an outdoor and indoor rated NEMA 3R enclosure. With a transfer switch, you can connect it to your home electrical panel and enjoy a seamless power transfer when no utility power is available.

This 10,000-watt generator is built with a sturdy, all-aluminum enclosure and is resistant to corrosion. This means you can use it anywhere, no matter the weather, and it will last.

Thanks to the True Power technology, the power quality is more than you’d expect. The power comes from the G-Force durable engine, built to provide consistent power. It’s safe for computers and other sensitive electronics. It also has idle control and is much quieter than comparable models.

What makes this whole house unit extremely special is the Mobile Link feature. Yes, exactly, you can track your generator status, maintenance alerts, and all from any device in the world. Now that’s something useful in the 21st century. Finally, this generator is created and built here if you like to buy products assembled in the US.


  • This unit packs some unique features, including monitoring your generator via any device. But also via a built-in LCD screen. You can even choose different languages.
  • A 5-year warranty, more extended than any other brand. Apart from that, their customer service is exceptional.
  • It can run on propane or natural gas. All the connections are made during installation, so you don’t have to worry about refueling.
  • An automatic self-test mode ensures that it’s ready when you need it the most.


  • Even though this generator is quieter than comparable models, it’s by no means silent. So be prepared for that and choose where you put it wisely.
  • If you want a portable model, this is not the unit for you.

What Will A 10000 Watt Generator Run?

Whether you use it during power outages or you have another good reason. A 10000-watt generator has enough power to run almost anything you need in your house. You can rely on it to run multiple appliances, multiple tools, and various things in your RV.
But can you rely on it to run your whole house? In general, yes. The 10000-watt generators range has enough power and capacity to run an array of devices simultaneously. In an emergency situation, you will be able to power various appliances such as your fridge, freezer, smaller appliances, AC, and of course, the lights. You just need to make sure you have enough fuel for that.
One thing you should do to run multiple large appliances, or any household appliances for that matter, is to calculate how many watts you’ll need. To do this, you need to determine the wattage every appliance needs.

Make sure you take into account the starting wattage, as well as the running wattage. Here’s a list of average watt ranges for some common household appliances:

Refrigerator: 350-780
Electric oven: 2000-5000
Electric stove: 3000
Dishwasher: 1800
Washing machine: 400-1300
Coffee maker: 600-1200
Microwave: 1000-2000
Blender: 300-1000
AC: 1500-3500
TV: 50-100
Light bulb: 25-100

As you can see, these are just ranges and averages. It would be best if you didn’t just guess but actually check the power requirements of all appliances. This is especially important for those that may require more power, such as a home air conditioner. If your power requirements are lower, then you also check the 7500-watt generators category.

How Many Amps Is A 10000 Watt Generator?

A straightforward formula for calculating amps is the following: Watts/Volts= Amps. This means that a 10000-watt generator working at 240V will produce 42 Amps. However, this question rarely has a straightforward answer like this. Remember that the amp output depends on the voltage, load, number of phases, etc.

What Is The Quietest 10000 Watt Generator?

At 73 dB at full load, Honda EB10000 is one of the quietest units. Besides quiet operation, this model features proper monitoring and safety systems such as an LCD monitor and a CO-Minder system for detecting high carbon monoxide levels.

What Is The Best 10000 Watt Generator To Buy?

The best 10000-watt unit you can find is the Westinghouse WGen9500. Not only is it fuel-efficient and has extended run time, but it also features a convenient electric start and a remote start key fob. The capacity of this generator, together with a variety of power outlets, allows for versatile use and will meet just about anyone’s needs.


Portable electricity can be a bit difficult to figure out. Especially if you don’t know anything about it. But as you see, there are some excellent options in portable 10,000-watt generators and standby ones too.

Whether you’re looking for additional power on construction sites, for your air conditioner, or to get your RV powered, you have the top 10 choices on this list. Look for dual-fuel units if you like the flexibility.

Choose portable generators with a fully featured control panel to meet all your power needs. If you want to be eco-friendly and save our planet, CARB-compliant and EPA-certified picks are for you.

With the right pick, you’ll be able to save your money while getting the power you need. We covered everything. It’s up to you to check and review each best 10000-watt generator to find the one most suitable for you.

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