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Honda EU2200i Review | A Strong Contender

Honda EU2200i Portable Generator

For many years, Honda Power Equipment has been known to be one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to producing high-quality and reliable products. That is also especially true for their portable outdoor generators. To start with our Honda EU2200i generator review, let’s look at what makes this generator unique and a better option for powering your electrical devices.

The Honda EU2200i is an inverter generator; it creates power through an advanced microprocessor controlled inverter module. Meaning it produces clean, high-quality inverter generator power with low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). It is suitable for powering sensitive appliances and electronics such as laptop computers, medical devices, and other delicate equipment that cannot sustain power instability. Being an inverter generator also makes it considerably smaller, quieter, and more fuel-efficient.

Honda EU2200i Generator Specification

Wattage: 2200 watts starting – 1800 watts running
Engine: 4-stroke OHC engine
Engine displacement: 121 cc
Fuel type: Gasoline
Fuel tank capacity: 0.95 gallon
Run-Time: 8.1 hr. @ 25% load – 3.2 hr. @ 100% load
Noise-Level: 48dB. @admin 25% load – 57dB. @ 100% load
Receptacles: (2) 125V 20A AC- (1) 12V 8.3A DC
Weight: 46.5 pounds
Dimensions: 20 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches
Certificates: EPA, CSA, CARB approved
Warranty: 3-year warranty

Power and Consumption

Honda EU2200i portable generator houses a powerful yet quiet 121cc GXR120 4-stroke engine. The engine was initially developed for heavy-duty construction equipment, lending it more power and durability. It works by regular, unleaded gasoline. It produces clean sine wave power with less than 3% THD, which makes it safe for powering sensitive electronics through its AC outlets. The fuel tank is relatively small, with a capacity of 0.95 gallons. A single tank will give you a runtime of 3.2 hours at full load, and 8.1 hours at quarter load, making it ideal for overnight power. 


When it comes to design, the Honda EU2200i has the signature red and black color exterior, just like its predecessors. It weighs less than 47 pounds, which makes it pretty lightweight and portable. At the top is a thick and sturdy handle molded into the housing, making it easy to lift and carry. The side maintenance cover is fixed with a single captive screw. And the smart layout of the internal components allows easy access to everything. The rear of the generator contains the exhaust and the muffler inside the case.

Control Panel

The control panel features two standard 120V 15A AC outlets to power your equipment. And one 12V 8.3A DC outlet for powering 12V automotive type batteries. Using the 12-volt outlet does require an additional chord that is sold separately by Honda. The panel contains a circuit breaker designed to protect the AC outlets if your unit starts drawing more than 20 amps.

Honda EU2200i Control Panel

There are also 3 LED lights indicators on the control panel, labeled Oil Alert, Overload Alarm, and Output Indicator. 

  • The Oil Alert will switch on when you are running low on oil.
  • The Overload Alarm will go off if you draw too much power and overload your generator.
  • The Output Indicator will switch on and shine green when the outlets are putting out the right amount of voltage. 

Note: On startup, the Output Indicator will also blink according to how many hours the generator has run.

Economy Mode


The EU2200i is equipped with an Eco-Throttle feature. It allows you to switch the generator into an eco-mode, which maximizes runtime and fuel economy. It also reduces the noise level significantly. After starting the generator at full power, you can turn the Eco-Throttle switch on. This will allow the engine to slow down and match the electrical load, which is ideal when running the generator for extended periods at a time. 

Noise Level

One of Honda EU2200i’s most noticeable features is its significantly low noise level. It operates at 48 decibels at quarter load, and 57 decibels at rated load. It’s one of the most quiet portable generators and very neighborhood-friendly.

Fuel-Off Switch

Honda EU2200i Fuel-Off Feature

A new and well-needed feature of the Honda EU2200i is the Fuel-Off feature, which is found next to the main ON/OFF switch. It enables you to shut off the fuel flow while the generator is still running. It allows the engine to use up any lingering fuel and empty the carburetor before automatically shutting down. This is especially useful to use before storing your generator. It makes sure your generator uses almost all the fuel inside it, which will prevent any issues stale fuel might cause. 

Without it, you would need to take off the protective maintenance cover and drain the carburetor yourself, which many people did not do. By introducing the Fuel-Off switch, you can run it dry effortlessly.

Parallel Operation

Honda Parallel Operation

The parallel operation outlet allows you to connect your generator to another unit of the EU2200i or the EU2200i companion. The Honda EU2200i companion has the advantage of an extra 30 amp locking outlet. You can also connect it to the previous EU2000i

Linking two generators together can give you as much as double the power output of a single generator. Two Honda EU2200i models will provide 3,600 watts rated power, and 4,400 watts maximum power. While parallel operating the Honda EU2200i with the EU2000i will generate 3,400 watts rated power, and 4,200 watts maximum power. 

Connecting two generators for parallel operation requires a special parallel operation cable kit that is sold separately. 

Other Features

Oil Filler Improvement

When we compare the EU2200i to its predecessor, the EU2000i, there are some notable improvements. The new EU2200i utilizes a bigger engine that offers 200 watts more. Yet no change in the overall weight or noise level. Additionally, it offers better ventilation and a new stator that uses magnets, resulting in cleaner electrical output. Another upgrade is the larger oil filler for checking and changing the oil. In the older model, it was challenging to change the oil through a significantly smaller opening, and it often resulted in spills.

The Honda EU2200i still has a manual recoil starter, but with some generous improvements. Thanks to its automatic mechanical decompressor, which requires less force to start up the engine. The manual recoil system is made more durable around the pull rope, eliminating the possibility of damage to the unit’s exterior. The generator is also managed by a low-oil shutdown system, which automatically shuts down the engine if it runs low on oil. It also features a USDA qualified spark arrestor, making it safe for outdoor usage in forests. Additionally, it is ANSI certified, EPA approved, and CARB compliant. 

A new feature, which is not present in all EU2200i models is the CO Minder. It’s a safety system that monitors the carbon monoxide concentration in the environment. The system automatically shuts down the engine if the CO levels rise above an average of 400 parts per million within a 10-minute interval or 800 ppm at any given moment. However, this is only an additional safety feature. Generators should always be used in open, well-ventilated outdoor spaces.


To get the most out of your generator, proper maintenance must be carried out to prevent any damage and ensure prolonged longevity. Always refer to the EU2200i owner’s manual to see how you can best maintain your generator.

First, changing the engine oil is a crucial part of maintaining your engine. It should be followed according to the maintenance schedule in the user manual. If you are using your generator regularly, especially in a dusty environment, servicing your generator’s air filters should also be a regular part of your maintenance routine.

Further, spark plug inspection and replacement are also required at set intervals to keep the engine running well. Cleaning the spark arrestor is another regular step in maintaining your unit in the best condition. Finally, all of the above maintenance steps should be completed according to the maintenance manual. This is only a brief about the maintenance to display the Honda EU2200i generator review details of usage.

Honda EU2200i Review

The Pros

  • The Honda EU2200i inverter generator offers an additional 200 watts of power compared to the EU2000i. Yet the same cost, same noise-level, and same lightweight housing.
  • It has a clear and easy starting process, with indicator lights guiding you through the starting process. The simple, control panel is also easy to use and offers many different features.
  • It is reliable, fuel-efficient, and out-performs most generators in the same segment.  
  • It is considerably quieter than other competing models.
  • The fuel-off switch is a handy feature. It allows the generator to run dry before storage.
  • Its parallel capabilities allow you to double the output of power by easily connecting it to another unit. 
  • Honda EU2200i portable inverter comes with a 3-year residential and commercial warranty that covers the generator from top to bottom.
  • Finally, you can also upgrade your unit with a propane conversion kit, which will allow you to run your EU2200i off of propane or gas with a flip of a switch. 

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The Cons

  • While a manual recoil system is the standard way to start a generator, it still does not offer an electric start option. 
  • It lacks some modern features such as an hour meter to monitor the generator’s status or a fuel gauge to monitor the gas level. Including an LED display in the future would make the working process much more user-friendly.
  • The oil filler opening is spill-prone. The generator must be level to avoid spillage.
  • Also, Honda is known for its quality equipment, but it is not a secret that their quality comes at a higher price. Honda’s EU2200i is a bit costly when compared to competitor models with similar specifications. 

How Does the Honda EU2200i Perform?

In the Honda EU2200i review we are showcasing a few competing models from other manufacturers. These are the Yamaha EF2200iS, Westinghouse iGen2200, Briggs and Stratton P2200, and Generac GP2200i. 

Honda EU2200i

Starting 2200W – Running 1800W

Gas Capacity: 0.95 gal

Run-Time @ 25% Load: 8.1 hrs

Noise-Level @ 25% Load: 48 dBA

Weight: 47 lbs

Warranty: 3-Year

Yamaha EF2200iS

Starting 2200W – Running 1800W

Gas Capacity: 1.24 gal

Run Time @ 25% Load: 10.5 hrs

Noise Level @ 25% Load: 57 dBA

Weight: 55 lbs

Warranty: 3-Year

Westinghouse iGen2200 Portable Inverter Generator

Westinghouse iGen2200

Starting 2200W – Running 1800W

Gas Capacity: 1.2 gal

Run Time @ 25% Load: 12 hrs

Noise Level @ 25% Load: 52 dBA

Weight: 46 lbs

Warranty: 3-Year

Briggs & Stratton P2200

Starting 2200W – Running 1700W

Gas Capacity: 1.0 gal

Run-Time @ 25% Load: 8 hrs

Noise-Level @ 25% Load: 59 dBA

Weight: 55 lbs

Warranty: 2-Year

Generac GP2200i

Starting 2200W – Running 1700W

Gas Capacity: 1.2 gal

Run-Time @ 25% Load: 10.5 hrs

Noise-Level @ 25% Load: 58 dBA

Weight: 46.6 lbs

Warranty: 2-Year

Honda EU2200i vs. Yamaha EF2200iS

More Lightweight

Yamaha has caught up with its main competitor, Honda, and introduced the EF2200iS. Compared to the Honda EU2200i, the Yamaha EF2200iS is significantly bigger and heavier at 55 pounds vs. 47 pounds of the Honda. 

However, larger dimensions do have their benefits – the EF2200iS houses a larger fuel tank of 1.24 gallons and has a runtime of up to 10.5 hours, which is two hours more than the EU2200i. Not surprisingly, the Yamaha model is considerably louder at 57 decibels. That’s a whopping 9 decibels more than it’s Honda counterpart.

Some features that set these two models apart are the fuel gauge on the Yamaha EF2200iS, which the Honda EU2200i lacks. Additionally, the EF2200iS features an LED-backlit display to show the amount of power you are using. Plus, a dedicated RV outlet.

If portability and low noise are important to you, then Honda EU2200i is the clear winner. However, if you want the additional features that the EF2200iS offers, then perhaps the latter model will serve you better.

Honda EU2200i vs. Westinghouse iGen2200

Better Warranty

The Honda EU2200i and the Westinghouse iGen2200, are quite similar at first glance. They are roughly the same size and weight. The Honda has slightly smaller dimensions and a tad lighter. Their engines, however, are considerably different. The Honda comes with a 121cc Overhead Cam engine (OHC), whereas the Westinghouse is powered by a 79cc Overhead Valve engine (OHV). 

Another significant difference is the size of the fuel tank and the runtime it provides. The iGen2200 considerably outperforms in this regard with its 1.2-gallon fuel tank, compared to Honda’s 0.95. The larger fuel tank of the iGen2200 offers up to 12 hours of runtime at quarter load, which is considerably more than the 8.1 hours the Honda EU2200i provides.

The fuel consumption is another aspect where the iGen2200 outperforms the EU2200i. It is significantly more fuel-efficient with a consumption rate of 0.1 gallons per hour compared to 0.12 GHP of the Honda. When it comes to the receptacles, apart from the standard AC outlets, the iGen2200 has extra 2 USB ports. Both models are parallel capable, but the Westinghouse model is compatible with most iGen series, giving you more power upgrade options.

Both generators have similar noise levels, with the Honda being slightly quieter at 48 decibels vs. 52 decibels. Finally, both manufacturers offer a 3-year consumer warranty. However, Honda’s guarantee has no hour limit, while Westinghouse specifies a 1000 hour max limit. 

Honda EU2200i vs. Briggs & Stratton P2200 

More Powerful

Compared to the Honda EU2200i, Briggs & Stratton P2200 offer a relatively similar model, comparable runtime, and control panel. However, the P2200 has a 2-year consumer and 1-year commercial warranty compared to the 3-year warranty of Honda. 

What makes the Honda stand out is its portability and lightweight design. The P2200 comes in much heavier weight at 55 pounds. Besides, the Honda model provides 100 watts of extra power. When it comes to the noise level, the Honda EU2200i has a significantly lower noise level of 48 decibels compared to 59 decibels of the P2200. 

As both models are relatively similar, perhaps the lighter, smaller and quieter Honda with its 3-year commercial and consumer warranty might stir people towards purchasing Honda EU2200i over the P2200. 

Honda EU2200i vs. Generac GP2200i 

Better Overall Durability

Again, these two models are quite similar, but still with some notable differences. Both the Honda EU2200i and the Generac GP2200i have the same starting watts, but the EU2200i offers higher running wattage at 1800 watts compared to 1700 watts of the GP2200i.

Regarding autonomy, the GP2200i has a longer runtime of 10.5 hours compared to the Honda EU2200i’s 8.1 hours. The GP2200i is also slightly more fuel-efficient, with fuel consumption of 0.11 gallons per hour vs. 0.12 GHP of the Honda. However, Honda EU2200i is 10 decibels quieter. 

While the GP2200i has a longer runtime and a slightly better fuel economy. Nonetheless, Honda’s higher running watts might come in handy when powering certain appliances. Honda EU2200i is also more compact and thus more portable. Plus, it comes with a longer warranty. So it is for you to decide which of these models meet your requirements.

Honda EU2200i Generator Review
  • 9.5/10
    PERFORMANCE - 9.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    ACCESSIBILITY - 8.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    DURABILITY - 9.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    NOISE LEVEL - 9.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    VALUE - 8.5/10


With Honda’s reputation for excellence, the EU2200i is undoubtedly in the top tier of its class. Its power quality, portability, and noise level give it a significant advantage over other popular models.

Other Honda EU Series Models

The Honda EU Inverter Series generators are also available in different wattage to cover different needs.

  • EU1000i – 1000W starting and 900W running power
  • EU2200i Camo – 2200W starting and 1800W running power
  • EU2200i Companion – 2200W starting and 1800W running power
  • EU3000i – 3000W starting and 2600W running power
  • EU3000iS – 3000W starting and 2800W running power
  • EU7000iS – 7000W starting and 5500W running power

You might also want to look at the Honda EB2200i if you require an industrial model with GFCI outlets. It meets OSHA’s requirements for the job site.

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Honda EU2200i Generator Review – Conclusion

Honda EU2200i Companion

To conclude, the Honda EU2200i inverter generator is a reliable model with all the standard features a generator of this caliber should have. It does not have a completely new, innovative design, but it does offer some significant upgrades of older, quality models. Its specifications are not revolutionary, but the Honda power equipment EU2200i is more than capable for regular use, even outperforming competitors in most areas.

In addition, Honda’s 3-year full warranty which also shows the trust the manufacturer has in their product. And with Honda’s reliable customer service you should have no problem. It’s a great reliable machine with satisfied users and fans worldwide.

It can power your everyday electrical devices, such as your computer, modem, refrigerator, freezer, power tools, and other various home appliances. It can also power a small RV air conditioner, making it an ideal generator for campers, travel trailers, camping, tailgating, and much more.

The EU2200i’s portability and noise level give it a significant advantage over other models. It also has a relatively good runtime. With 2200 watt power, you will have plenty to get through the day.

Our Honda EU2200i review concludes that this generator is dependable, user-friendly, and from a reliable manufacturer known for creating high-quality power equipment that will last you a long time.

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