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Accessories For Generators


Ever considered how to get more out of your generator? While essential during power outages, power generators can benefit greatly from compatible accessories. This article will guide you through a comprehensive list of beneficial generator accessories to optimize your power solution’s efficiency and usability.

Stick around – it’s time to unleash the full potential of your generator!

Key Takeaways

  • A maintenance kit is an essential accessory for generators, as it promotes longevity and optimal performance by providing all the necessary items for upkeep.
  • RV outlet adapters allow for greater flexibility in connecting appliances to different power sources, making them a must-have accessory for homeowners and travelers alike.
  • Investing in a generator cord specifically designed for generators ensures safe operation and prevents potential fire hazards or electrocutions.
  • A generator cover protects your generator from external elements, enhancing its durability, lifespan, and security against unauthorized access or tampering.
  • Wheel kits provide easy mobility for portable generators, allowing you to transport them effortlessly around your home or on camping trips.
  • Parallel kits increase the power output of portable generators by linking two units together, providing versatility and meeting higher power demands.
  • Power management module starter kits optimize the convenience and efficiency of backup generators during outages by automatically managing power distribution through selected circuits.
  • Having a reliable battery ensures that your generator starts up easily when needed. Choose high – quality batteries designed specifically for portable generators to maximize their functionality.
  • Fuel lines are crucial accessories that ensure efficient fuel supply to your generator while minimizing safety risks associated with leaks. Invest in durable fuel lines tailored to your specific model.
  • Fuel caps protect your fuel supply from tampering or siphoning, ensuring uninterrupted power during emergencies or outdoor activities.


Essential Generator Accessories

You should consider several essential accessories to enhance your generator’s functionality and convenience. These include a maintenance kit, RV outlet adapter, generator cord, generator cover, and wheel kit.

Maintenance Kit

generator maintenance kitInvesting in a maintenance kit for your generator is a smart move that ensures prolonged life and optimal performance, especially for portable generators. Generac offers comprehensive kits tailored to home standby units, such as the Air-Cooled Scheduled Maintenance kits, which contain everything needed for thorough upkeep – oil, air filter, oil filter, and spark plug – all designed to work seamlessly with Generac’s air-cooled generator models.

You can find an appropriate set of care items with offerings even for 13kW – 17kW generators and specific models like their 22kW version. Following the service schedule by Generac and using these specialized sets promotes the longevity and efficiency of your device – be it generators or motor pumps – effectively safeguarding your investment in backup power.

RV Outlet Adapter

A vital accessory for your generator set is the RV outlet adapter. This useful gadget affords you great flexibility when connecting different appliances to various types of power sources, significantly improving your portable generator’s usability.

As a homeowner, having an RV outlet adapter means you can effortlessly hook up a 30-amp cord to a 50-amp outlet or vice versa and even connect to your home outlet conveniently.

On a trip where the standard pedestal hookup at campgrounds isn’t available, generators with RV adapters offer an alternative power—an essential backup plan for any traveler. Brands like SnowyFox provide options such as an ergonomic handle and a longer 18” power adapter for enhanced connection compared to standard-length ones.

Remember, if you own a rig that requires 50 amps capacity, acquiring the correct type of RV adapter becomes necessary because it ensures compatibility with your chosen power source—a clever investment towards maximizing your generator’s convenience and fine-tuning its performance.

Generator Cord

Investing in a generator cord significantly boosts your backup power convenience and safety. A distinct extension cord, specially designed for generators, is essential to prevent potential fire hazards and electrocutions. To enhance its usability, you might be intrigued by options like 10 gauge extension cords or powerful cables that handle up to 50 amps of electricity for robust home applications.

Tailored specifically for generators, these cords ensure efficient operation and protection of your important appliance during power outages. Incorporating this must-have accessory into your generator investment assures seamless performance while boosting overall power management at home.

Generator Cover

Generator Accessories: CoverOne crucial accessory for your generator is a generator cover. The Classic Accessories Generator Cover is designed to fit 7000-watt generators and protects against UV damage, rain, dirt, birds, and tree debris.

You can greatly enhance your generator’s durability and lifespan by shielding it from these external elements. Whether you store your generator indoors or outdoors, this cover ensures that it remains in optimal condition when unused.

In addition to safeguarding against weather conditions and potential damage, a generator cover also adds a layer of security by preventing unauthorized access or tampering with the unit. Investing in a high-quality generator cover is an important step toward maintaining the functionality and longevity of your valuable power source.

Wheel Kit

Generator Accessories: Wheel Kit
A wheel kit is an essential accessory for portable generators, allowing for easy transportation and mobility. With a standard wheel kit, you can effortlessly move your generator from one location to another without straining yourself.

For example, the Champion Generator Wheel Kit is specifically designed for Champion 2800-4750W generators and provides increased mobility with its durable wheels and folding handle. Similarly, the EZV Wheel Kit is compatible with Energizer EZV2200 or EZV2800 inverter generators and features a sturdy metal frame and rubber wheels.

By attaching a wheel kit to your generator, you can conveniently transport it wherever needed around your home or even on camping trips. Lowe’s offers a variety of accessory kits that include wheel kits suitable for different generator models, ensuring you find the right option for your specific needs.

Convenient Generator Accessories

Convenient generator accessories include a parallel kit, power management module starter kit, battery, fuel line, and fuel cap.

Parallel Kit

generator parallel kitA parallel kit is an essential accessory for portable generators that can significantly increase their power output. It allows you to seamlessly connect two generators together, providing double the power and versatility.

No additional tools are needed, as the kit has quick-connect interfaces for easy and convenient connections. This means you can avoid the need to invest in a large and bulky generator if your power needs exceed what a single unit can provide.

Even smaller generators with insufficient individual power can be linked together using a parallel kit to meet your requirements. Whether you have inverter generators or ones with different wattage, the parallel kit enables them to work harmoniously and efficiently in series or parallel configurations.

Power Management Module Starter Kit

The Power Management Module Starter Kit is an essential accessory for homeowners looking to maximize the convenience and functionality of their backup generators. Designed to work seamlessly with Generac’s Digital Power Management System, this starter kit is compatible with RTSR and RTSY transfer switches.

Available at Lowe’s and other retailers, this kit includes a 24VAC transformer and a 50 amp, 24VAC actuated PMM. With easy field installation, the PMM works in conjunction with your transfer switch to monitor selected circuits and automatically manage power distribution during outages.

It’s indispensable for ensuring that your home backup generator operates efficiently and effectively when needed. Don’t overlook the importance of investing in a Power Management Module Starter Kit for ultimate peace of mind during power outages.


One crucial accessory for generators is a reliable battery. A fully charged battery ensures your generator starts up easily and operates smoothly when needed. Batteries Plus offers a range of high-quality batteries specifically designed for portable generators, providing you with peace of mind during power outages or outdoor adventures.

With the right battery, you can maximize the performance and usability of your generator, ensuring it delivers reliable backup power whenever you need it. So whether you’re using a portable generator for camping trips or as a backup power source at home, investing in a quality battery will help optimize its functionality and ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

Fuel Line

Fuel lines are a crucial accessory for generators, whether you have a portable or standby unit. These fuel lines allow your generator to efficiently and safely receive the fuel it needs.

Made with durable stainless steel, they are designed to prevent leaks and ensure maximum safety during operation. Generac even offers fireproof fuel lines tailored for their 15kW and 20kW generators, providing added peace of mind.

Using high-quality fuel lines can minimize the risk of accidents caused by leaking fuel and enjoy worry-free power generation for your home. Upgrade your generator’s performance and safety with reliable fuel lines – an essential component in any generator accessories kit.

ATIMA also provides excellent options in generator accessories kits which include safe and leak-proof parallel cables suitable for Honda generators. These cables enable extended-run dual-fuel systems while maintaining the utmost safety standards.

Fuel Cap

One crucial accessory for your generator is a fuel cap. This simple but important component plays a significant role in protecting your fuel supply from tampering or siphoning. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that your generator’s fuel system is securely locked, ensuring uninterrupted power during emergencies or outdoor activities.

Fuel caps can be easily found and purchased at stores like Lowe’s or online retailers such as Generac parts and Accessories. So don’t overlook this essential accessory when outfitting your generator setup for maximum functionality and safety.

Generator Accessories for Specific Needs

Cold Weather Kit: Keep your generator running smoothly during winter months with a cold weather kit, which includes items like an engine block heater and battery warmer to prevent freezing and ensure reliable operation in frigid temperatures.

Transfer Switch

A transfer switch allows some or all of the circuits in your home to remain operational during power outages.

Cold Weather Kit

In colder regions where freezing temperatures are a concern, ensuring that your generator starts easily and stays operational when needed is crucial. That’s where cold weather kits come in handy.

These specially designed accessories include battery warmers and other components that vary depending on the generator model. For example, the Generac Cold Weather A/C HSB Kit with oil (0J580000CW) is specifically engineered to keep your generator running smoothly even in freezing conditions.

Midwest Electric & Generator also offers a comprehensive cold weather kit with a battery wrap, oil heater, and thermostat for added protection. By installing a cold weather kit, you can significantly enhance the performance and longevity of your generator in chilly climates – a wise investment for homeowners relying on backup power during harsh winter months.

Base Wrap

One essential accessory for generators that you shouldn’t overlook is a base wrap. Designed specifically for generators, a base wrap helps enhance their functionality and protection. It is commonly included in maintenance kits offered by popular retailers like Lowe’s.

The QwikPad® base wrap, for example, comes with steel mounting hardware and is lightweight and easy to install. By using a base wrap, you can ensure the proper functioning of your generator and protect it from various elements.

So if you want to maximize the lifespan of your generator and keep it running smoothly, don’t forget to invest in a reliable base wrap accessory.

Conversion Kit

A conversion kit is an essential accessory for homeowners who want to maximize the usability of their generators. With a conversion kit, you have the flexibility to switch between different fuel options, such as natural gas or propane.

This eliminates the hassle of constantly refueling with gasoline and provides a more convenient and cost-effective solution. Lowes.com offers a variety of 240-volt conversion kit generators that can be easily purchased online.

By investing in a conversion kit, you can ensure that your generator is always ready to provide backup power during any emergency.

Load Shedding Module

A load-shedding module is a crucial accessory for homeowners who want to efficiently manage their power usage during an outage. It helps prevent overload situations by automatically cutting off electricity to certain areas when the calculated load exceeds the generator’s rated output.

Using a load-shedding module, homeowners can optimize their generator’s performance and save money by opting for a smaller generator size. These modules are also commonly used in industrial settings, providing a comprehensive solution for managing power distribution during high demand periods.

With load-shedding techniques, homeowners can effectively control their energy consumption and reduce costs without compromising on convenience or safety.

Transport Cart

The Transport Cart is an essential accessory for any generator owner. Available at Lowe’s, this cart is designed to make the transportation of generators safe and easy. Compatible with various types of generators, it can be used for both portable and standby models.

This practical solution ensures that you can easily move your generator around, whether you need to transport it from one location to another or maneuver it within your property. Designed to withstand the weight and dimensions of generators, the Transport Cart is a must-have accessory that provides convenience and peace of mind for homeowners in need of generator transportation.

Additional Generator Accessories

Spill boxes are available as additional accessories for generators to prevent fuel spills and protect the environment.

Spill Box

One important accessory for your generator is a spill box. Designed with your safety in mind, the spill box helps prevent fuel leakage and potential associated hazards. Made of durable powder-painted steel and pipe, this weatherproof enclosure is sturdy and lockable for added security.

It captures and contains any fuel that may overfill or spill during the fill process, minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, by helping maintain an ideal battery temperature for quick generator startup, the spill box ensures reliable performance when you need it most.

Easy to install and available at a reasonable price from NationwideGenerators.com, adding a spill box to your generator setup is a recommended step towards proper fuel handling and storage.

Power Monitor

A power monitor is a valuable accessory for generator owners. With the ability to keep track of your generator’s performance and status, a power monitor gives you peace of mind during power outages.

You can easily stay informed about important details such as fuel level, runtime, and maintenance reminders via an intuitive mobile app like PowerTechCS. By monitoring your generator’s activity remotely, you can take necessary actions to ensure uninterrupted backup power when it matters most.

Whether you’re at home or away, a power monitor keeps you in control and provides valuable insights into your generator’s operation.

Oil Filter

The oil filter is a crucial component of any generator’s maintenance kit. It plays a vital role in keeping the engine running smoothly and efficiently. Regularly changing the oil filter and using the specified type and weight of oil is essential for ensuring your generator’s optimal performance and longevity.

Genuine parts, including the oil filter, are necessary to maintain the engine’s proper functioning. Depending on your generator model, the frequency you should change the oil and filter may vary.

By prioritizing regular maintenance, such as oil and filter changes, you can rest assured that your generator will continue to provide reliable backup power when you need it most.

Spark Plug

One of the essential accessories for your generator is a spark plug. Spark plugs play a crucial role in the ignition process of natural gas generators, ensuring that they start efficiently and run smoothly.

Regular maintenance of spark plugs is necessary to keep your generator functioning properly. Changing the spark plug and air filter every 200 hours or at least once per season is recommended.

Over time, deposits and buildup can occur on the spark plug, affecting its performance and requiring replacement.

A typical spark plug consists of three main parts: the housing, insulator, and electrodes. You can use a spark plug wrench to check its condition regularly. To simplify maintenance tasks like these, consider investing in a spark plug maintenance kit that includes the spark plug itself (such as F7RTC) and an air filter.

Air Filter

Changing the air filter is crucial to maintaining your generator, whether it’s a portable or home backup unit. Like any engine-powered equipment, generators rely on clean air to function efficiently and prevent damage.

That’s why regularly replacing the air filter is so important. Generac, one of the leading brands in generator accessories, offers a range of parts for their generators, including high-quality air filters.

Honeywell is another trusted brand that provides maintenance kits and replacement filters for portable generators. By ensuring your generator has a clean air filter, you can extend its lifespan and maintain optimal performance.


In conclusion, investing in the right accessories for your generator can greatly enhance its functionality and convenience. From power cords and transfer switches to mufflers and protective covers, these accessories ensure seamless power transfer, reduce noise levels, prolong the lifespan, and provide portability.

Don’t overlook the importance of maintaining your generator with maintenance kits and fuel stabilizers. With the right accessories, you can maximize the usability and reliability of your generator during power outages or outdoor adventures.

Essential Generator Accessories FAQs

1. What are some essential accessories for generators?

Some essential accessories for generators include transfer switches, fuel stabilizers, wheel kits, and protective covers.

2. What is a transfer switch and why is it important?

A transfer switch is an electrical device that allows you to safely switch the power source from the utility grid to your generator during a power outage. It’s important because it prevents backfeeding of electricity into the grid, protecting utility workers and ensuring safe operation of your generator.

3. How does a fuel stabilizer help maintain my generator?

A fuel stabilizer helps prevent the gasoline or diesel in your generator’s tank from degrading over time, which can lead to starting issues and engine damage. It extends the shelf life of fuel so that it remains usable even after long storage periods.

4. Why should I invest in a protective cover for my generator?

A protective cover helps shield your generator from outdoor elements such as rain, snow, dust, and UV rays. It prolongs the lifespan of your generator by preventing rusting and corrosion while keeping it clean and ready for use whenever needed.