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Champion Power Equipment 8000-Watt Review | Tri-Fuel

champion power equipment 100416 tri-fuel

The Champion 8000-watt tri-fuel generator is proof that new technologies are being developed every day to meet the market’s progressive needs. The market needs more flexible and reliable products. And the Champion Power Equipment 100416 tri-fuel generator checks many boxes. For full specs, pros and cons, read our Champion 8000-watt tri-fuel review below.

Its capability to run on three different fuel types gives you exactly what you want – the option to make your own choice. Whether you want to make this choice because of convenience, cost, interrupted power supply, power outages, you can make it. The Champion tri-fuel generator can be fueled by gasoline, propane, and natural gas. So you no longer have to choose some features over others. You can have the best of ALL worlds.

Champion 8000-Watt Tri-Fuel Specification

Wattage: 10000 watts starting – 8000 watts running
Fuel type: Gasoline, Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Fuel tank capacity: 8.5 gallons
Run time: 12.5 hrs (Gas) – 5 hrs (Propane) @ 50% load
Noise level: 74 dBA
Weight: 207 pounds
Dimensions (LxWxH): 27.6 x 28.2 x 26 inches

Starting method: Electric button, Pull start
Engine: 4-stroke engine
Engine displacement: 459 cc
Tracking method: IntelliGauge, Fuel gauge
Receptacles: (1) 120V/240V 30A, (1) 120V 30A, (4) 120V 20A
Warranty: 3-year warranty
Certificates: EPA – PGME – CARB

champion 8000-watt tri-fuel generator

Power Capabilities

The Champion 100416 tri-fuel generator is powered by a 459cc, 4-stroke engine and offers up to 10000 starting watts and 8000 running watts depending on the fuel type used. Gasoline provides the most power, while propane and natural gas offer slightly less. With propane, you can expect 9000 starting and 7200 running watts, while natural gas offers 8750 starting and 7000 running watts. It’s capable of providing enough electricity for all essential appliances. Consequently, you can power your whole house with this generator, no matter the fuel type you use. As for powering sensitive appliances and electronic devices, this generator puts out a standard 12%-20% THD rating. This makes it suitable for powering household appliances and even devices such as computers and TVs.

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You can get a decent run time out of the Champion 8000-watt tri-fuel generator, no matter which fuel type you’re using. At half load, this generator runs for 12.5 hours on gasoline and 5 hours on propane. If you decide on natural gas, you can run your generator until an oil change becomes necessary (every 100-150 hours). Regardless of the fuel type, this unit will not get in the way of your daily life by constantly needing to be refueled. For maximum convenience, natural gas is the best choice.

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Noise Level

Considering how heavy-duty this generator is, both when power and size are concerned, you would expect it to be intolerably loud. But it’s not. At 75 decibels (at 23 feet), you can live your day-to-day life in your home, have conversations, study, or rest while the generator is working. Keep in mind that if you’re outside when you’re running your generator, it may not be as pleasant, especially if you’re within 23 feet. Champion has not included any sound dampening features in the design, which would better the entire experience and make it more bearable for you and your neighbors when spending time outside. We’d say that the noise level is somewhere in the middle, not unnoticeable, but also not so obtrusive that you can’t function.

Control Panel

The control panel on the Champion 8000-watt tri-fuel generator meets all the criteria we have for a control panel. Starting with the ignition switch, which needs a gentle push to start the engine. Right below is the EZ start dial used to select the fuel source. Next to it is the digital meter, where you can monitor voltage, frequency, and run time. You can also track the lifetime run hours so you wouldn’t miss regular maintenance checks. Another highly regarded safety feature that we appreciate is the CO Shield. The display will notify you if the CO Shield activates and the generator powers off due to high carbon monoxide levels. Besides these functionalities, there are 6 outlets that come with covers for protection when not in use. However, what strikes as a disadvantage is that there’s no 50-amp outlet in this model, although the specifications would allow for one.

champion tri-fuel control panel


The most remarkable feature of the Champion 8000-watt tri-fuel generator is the ease of use, even for absolute beginner users. The control panel is straightforward and intuitive, and everything you need is in one place. The generator is accompanied by a highly well-written, detailed operation manual and visual representations of everything you need to know before you start using it.


Being 207 pounds heavy and pretty large, Champion Power Equipment made sure to include a wheel kit with this generator, which is easy and quick to install. So, although you wouldn’t be able to move this unit as easily without wheels, once you complete the installation, you’ll be able to move your portable generator wherever you need it to be. There’s a ready handle to the side that folds when not in use, so you can fit your generator wherever you are planning to without having to factor in the side handle.

The frame and all the generator parts, including inlets, outlets, buttons, switch, etc., feel high-quality and are made to last. The entire control panel is easily accessible, and there’s a side panel that you can access simultaneously without moving the generator around or repositioning yourself. In general, we see no major design flaws besides the exhaust vent, which heats the handle during operation.


The maintenance requirements of this tri-fuel generator will vary slightly depending on which fuel you use. But in general, you will not have to spend a lot of time ensuring your Champion generator is ready to go. It’s recommended to clean the air filter every 50 hours and change the oil if you’re really pushing your generator to the maximum. If not, an oil change every 100 hours will suffice. As far as getting a professional maintenance check, it needs to be done every 250 hours. If any problems arise in the meantime, Champion offers satisfactory lifetime support most of the time. If any significant issues appear, there’s a 3-year limited warranty included.

champion power equipment 8000-watt tri-fuel

Additional Features

Besides the recoil start, this portable generator features an electric start, which is more convenient for many. The cold start technology also ensures you can easily start your generator in severe weather conditions. Additionally, the smart CO detection technology adds an extra layer of protection. And after you spend 1.2-quart oil, the low oil shutdown prevents engine damage and ensures you can use your generator for years to come.

Apart from these convenient features, Champion also includes some handy items in the box. You will get a 25 feet natural gas hose kit with an NPT adapter and a propane hose. This means you get a ready-to-go generator and can start running it right after you set it up.

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  • Tri fuel flexibility and reliability even in emergency situations and disrupted supply chain
  • Ready to go right out of the box with LPG and NG kits included
  • Detailed owners manual
  • Upgraded oil change line drops down and lets the oil run out instead of having to suck it out, making maintenance quick and easy


  • It doesn’t have a 50-amp plug
  • No automatic transfer switch included
  • The design could feature some sound dampening properties
What's Inside the Box
  • Engine oil and funnel
  • Wheel kit
  • 25ft natural gas (NG) hose with NPT adapter
  • 6ft propane (LPG) Hose with a built-in regulator
  • Champion 8000-Watt Tri-Fuel Review – Conclusion

    Three simple and short words to describe the Champion 100416 tri-fuel generator – ALL IN ONE. This heavy-duty but portable generator will keep all the necessary appliances running even when power outages last for days. It is convenient to use with multiple fuel options in various situations – for work, entertainment, leisure, or emergencies. If you want to run your entire home, you may need to find a more powerful unit. However, it’s enough to keep all your essentials running. Despite lacking a 50 amp outlet and room for improvement in the noise level, this unit will most likely meet every requirement you have for a generator.

    We hope you found the champion 8000-watt tri-fuel evaluation useful and managed to determine whether your household would benefit from a tri-fuel unit.

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    Champion 8000-Watt Tri-Fuel Analysis
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      DURABILITY - 8/10
    • 6.9/10
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      VALUE - 8.3/10


    The Champion Power Equipment 8000-watt tri-fuel generator gives you the best of all worlds. It can be fueled by three fuel types – gasoline, propane, and natural gas. It also comes with an electric start, Cold Start technology, and CO Shield detection. You no longer have to choose some features over others.