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Champion Power Equipment 8750-Watt DH Review

Champion Power Equipment 100520 Review

Champion Power Equipment is one of the best names when it comes to creating power generating tools. From inverters to portable generators, they have it all. Their most impressive line is the Digital Hybrid Series, and the Champion Power Equipment 8750-Watt open frame inverter generator is a prime example of that. The DH Series comes with features that make them great for backup, camping, and a host of other functions. The most popular ones are those that are RV enabled. For backup and running equipment with higher capacities, the most popular is Champion’s 100520 digital hybrid open frame inverter. It is a hybrid generator that excels in portability and can be used as a quiet power source. There are other features, pros, and cons, and they are all included in this Champion 8750-watt review.

Champion 8750 DH Inverter Specification

Wattage: 8750 watts starting – 7000 watts running
Fuel type: Gasoline
Fuel tank capacity: 4.2 gallons
Run-Time: 10.5 hrs @ 25% load
Noise-Level: 72 dBA @ 25% load
Weight: 149 pounds
Dimensions (LxWxH): 26.6 x 25.6 x 23.7 inches

Starting method: Electric start – Recoil start
Engine: 4-stroke engine
Engine displacement: 420 cc
Material: Multi
Receptacles: (4) 120V AC- (1) 120/240V AC – (1) 12V DC
Warranty: 3-year warranty
Certificates: EPA – CARB

Power and Consumption

The Champion 100520 open frame inverter generator uses a 420cc four-stroke engine, which aids low fuel consumption and high performance. The generator can put out a starting wattage of 8750W and a running wattage of 7000W, which is as large as inverter generators get.

It produces a clean sine wave with less than 3% total harmonic distortion (THD). It drastically reduces the THD level that traditional generators are known for. This means that you won’t get unstable power fluctuations, which are bad for sensitive gadgets and electronics.

Because of its open frame inverter design, it is economical and great for saving fuel. It runs on gasoline, and it takes 4.2 gallons to fill up the fuel tank. When the tank is full, the generator can keep running for 10.5 hours at quarter load and 5.25 hours at half load. It burns about 0.4 gallons per hour.

Champion Power Equipment 8750-Watt Digital Hybrid Review

Economy Mode

One of the best features of the Champion Power Equipment 8750-watt digital hybrid generator is the economy mode. The switch is located on the left side of the generator, and it serves many purposes. One of them is to conserve the use of fuel. With the economy mode on, the generator can run two more hours per the same amount of fuel.

One more benefit of the economy mode is that it reduces the noise from the generator drastically. The only downside to this feature is that the generator can’t handle as much load as it normally does.

To use the economy mode, start your generator with it off and flip it on to redistribute the load. Starting your generator while it’s on can cause it to malfunction.

Noise Level

One of the Champion Power Equipment 8750-watt DH inverter’s fundamental qualities is that it uses the popular Champion’s Quiet Technology. This means that the generator’s noise is lower than that of other regular generators of the same size.

With the use of an inverter design, they were able to make a quieter generator design. At quarter load, this beast is rated at 72 decibels, which is similar to a vacuum cleaner. Place it a few yards away, and you most likely won’t hear it from your house. The sound produced by the Champion 8750-watt DH inverter generator also becomes lower when the economy mode is switched on.

Design and Portability

The Champion 8750-watt inverter is easy to use and set up. The assembly takes about 10 minutes. The generator comes in the same vibrant black and yellow color as the other DH Series models. It has a steel frame construction designed to withstand rough outdoor conditions.

At almost 150 pounds, the weight is lighter than that of other conventional generators of the same size. That said, it is heavy. For portability, it comes with two sturdy 8-inch wheels and a foldaway handle. While you can’t pick it up, you can easily push it around.

Champion Power Equipment 100520 DH Control Panel

Control Panel

When it comes to control, the Champion 100520 inverter generator has four 120 volts GFCI AC outlets at 20 amps and one 120/240 volts twist-lock outlet at 30 amps. This means you can connect it to a house with a transfer switch easily.

There is also one 12 volts DC automotive-style outlet at 8.3 amps. It comes with battery charging cables and a dual USB adaptor. All of the outlets are covered and equipped with circuit breakers and a general AC reset button.

In addition to the outlets, it also comes with an Intelligauge. This tool monitors the voltage and the frequency. It can also indicate the total runtime so that the owner can know how long the generator has been working.

The led indicator lights are the last part of the control panel. They are located on the generator’s left bottom side, indicating low oil, overload, and output.

  • Low oil: This is the yellow light, and it signals that you need to add more oil to your generator.
  • Overload: This is the red light, and it indicates that your unit is drawing more power than the generator can handle.
  • Output ready: This is a green light, and it comes on when everything is alright with your generator.

Other Features

Champion Power Equipment 8750-Watt DH Features

The Champion 8750-watt DH inverter comes with several improvements that benefit the user in the long run. One of them is the cold-start technology, which allows it to start up easily in cold weather and winter. The generator works with an electric start, which is very convenient. There is also a manual recoil starter on the generator’s side as a backup method to ensure that the generator can start up if the battery ever goes dead.

Regarding emissions, the generator is EPA certified, and CARB approved. There is also a spark arrestor. It is designed to make the generator safe to use in forest areas and places where a fire may easily start.

To add fuel, a fuel filler and a fuel gauge are on top to help you monitor the fuel level. The muffler and the exhaust are located at the back for the generator to work well.

There’s a convenient cord for draining the oil from the generator for maintenance purposes. This cord is a sought after feature to prevent spillage when emptying old oil. The last is the oil fill, which takes up to 1.2 quarts of oil. This should be 10w30 conventional oil. When the oil level is low, a sensor shuts the generator off.


  • The power output is high. You can use it to power virtually anything from industrial equipment to high wattage home appliances. It can power an air conditioner, a water pump, or a food truck. You can also use it for camping to generate power for your RV or camper.
  • It’s an inverter type generator, meaning the energy produced is clean and safe for sensitive electrical equipment.
  • Inverter technology with an economy mode switch aids in better fuel consumption and quieter operation.
  • It comes with multiple power outlets that make it suitable for various uses. It also supports 120 volts and 240 volts and you can easily connect it to a house with a transfer switch.
  • User-friendly, it works with a push-button electric start and has cold start technology.
  • Equipped with a fuel gauge and a LED display so that you can monitor the generator’s entire status.
  • Maintenance is easy with the remote oil draining cord, which can be popped in and out whenever you want to empty the old oil.
  • It is cost-effective and comes backed by a 3-year warranty and a lifetime customer support line.


  • While the Champion 8750-watt DH inverter is considerably quieter than other generators of the same size, the sound is still very noticeable and can be disturbing. That said, this is very common for generators of that size and capacity.
  • The fuel filler is located at the center of the generator. So, refilling the tank without a long nozzle and short wide funnel will always lead to spillage.
  • The Intelligauge brightness is not enough. You hardly read it in bright daylight.
  • There’s no way to show the amount of watts the generator is using at any given time. This can lead to unintended overloading, which can damage the engine in the long run. You can install a watt-meter at an extra cost.
  • The user manual is missing some clarification. It does not explain that the air filter should be saturated in oil before first use. Moreover, the oil tank has to be filled with conventional oil before it is used for the first time. Lack of this knowledge can cause power surges or destroy your unit.

Champion Digital Hybrid Series Open Frame Inverter

The Champion Power Equipment 100520 inverter generator is not the only model in the Digital Hybrid Series. There are other models that have excelled well in functionality as well as on the market. The features of these models are similar to that of the Champion Power Equipment 8750-watt inverter. The major difference is that their capacities are widely different.

Champion 4000-Watt Digital Hybrid 

The most popular of the DH Series open frame generators is the Champion 4000-watt digital hybrid inverter. It offers a starting output of 4000 watts and a running output of 3500 watts. A dual-fuel generator version from the same model is also available. Both the gasoline and dual fuel versions are plentiful for camping, tailgating, and using as a backup. The popularity of this particular product stems from its success with RVs.

Champion 4250-Watt Digital Hybrid

An updated version of the 4000-watt DH series is the Champion 4250-watt digital hybrid inverter. It offers a starting output of 4250 watts and a running output of 3500 watts. This means it has the same rated power as the previous model but with extra surge wattage.

Champion 4500-Watt Digital Hybrid

A new model from Champion Power Equipment DH Series open-frame inverters is the Champion 4500-watt digital hybrid inverter. It offers a starting output of 4500 watts and a running output of 3650 watts. It comes with the same features and fuel efficiency but has more wattage.

Champion 6250-Watt Digital Hybrid

Next is the 6250-watt digital hybrid inverter like the other generators under the same DH Series category. It offers a starting output of 6250 watts and a running output of 5000 watts. It supplies a higher power output while being portable enough for camping and power on the go.

Champion 8750-Watt Digital Hybrid

Finally, the Champion 8750-watt digital hybrid inverter is the latest version in the DH Series. It’s as large as inverter type generators can get. It offers a starting output of 8750 watts and a running output of 7000 watts. Its features and its numerous pros and downsides are included above in this article.

Champion Power Equipment 8750-Watt DH Inverter Review
  • 8.2/10
    PERFORMANCE - 8.2/10
  • 8.6/10
    ACCESSIBILITY - 8.6/10
  • 8.4/10
    DURABILITY - 8.4/10
  • 7/10
    NOISE LEVEL - 7/10
  • 8.8/10
    VALUE - 8.8/10


The Champion Power Equipment 100520 is a cost-effective open frame inverter generator that carries enough power to handle your home, job site, or travel trailer demands. With a rated wattage of 7000 watts, it’s as big as inverters get.

Champion 8750-Watt Review – Conclusion

Champion Power Equipment was established in 2003. They are famous for manufacturing highly durable and dependable power generation equipment in the United States. Today, the company has sold more than 2 million generators that are capable of being used for camping and during hurricane seasons. Their customer support is also one of the best. So, if you have problems with your generator, you can quickly get professional help for it.

The Champion 8750-watt review is almost over. At this point, it is clear that the Champion Power Equipment 100520 Digital Hybrid inverter is truly revolutionary. Of course, it is not free of issues. However, many of the issues pointed out can be easily overlooked because of the numerous excellent qualities of this model. After all, it’s a cost-effective model considering its large capacity and stable power supply.

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