What Are Generators Used For?

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There are multiple benefits of generators that are worth all the necessary maintenance and money you invest in them. Portable generators produce a steady power supply for your basic needs at home, work, and various common applications. Electric generators are convenient machines that provide electricity when there is no access to the power grid or during power outages. So what are portable generators used for? This article is an overview of the main benefits of using a generator. Accordingly, you can make an informed decision about whether it’s worth investing in one in your situation.

What Is A Generator Used For?

Generators provide power for personal, commercial, and industrial use. These are the top six benefits and uses for generators in everyday life.

1. Backup Power for Homes

portable generators uses and benefits in everyday life

When the main power goes off due to a power outage, a lot can go wrong. Your house may heat up beyond habitable levels, and fresh supplies in your freezer may go bad. In addition, you will be left disconnected from the world when your smartphone goes off due to no charge.

With a standby generator, you will be able to power up your entire house and your critical appliances using natural gas as the primary fuel source. A standby generator is permanently installed and can be programmed to start right away when the power goes out. These stationary generators provide enough power to use the AC, refrigerator, lights, charge your mobile devices and electronics.

Another essential benefit of having a generator is preventing the damage a power outage can cause. Although rotten food is unfortunate. But having a flood because the sump pump stopped working or bad air quality because the HVAC system is not functioning is much more serious. The same goes for households relying on an electric pump to get water from a well.

Suppose you intend to use a portable generator as permanent home backup power for an entire house. In that case, we advise having a transfer switch installed by the electrical panel. This will allow for an effective changeover in a power outage and upon resumption of the main supply.

2. Generator Power for Medical Equipment

Having a plan B is essential if power makes the difference between life and death. Although it sounds dramatic, having someone in your home relying on a medical device that uses power means that it’s mandatory to have a constant power source. Thereby powering all the essential systems in your home and preventing more serious and costly consequences. A couple of hours may not be an issue, but going days without power is impossible.

The same goes for hospitals and other health-related industries that rely on having standby generators to ensure electrical power is always available.

3. Power Generation in Severe Weather Conditions

Those who live in severe climates can benefit significantly from such portable generators. Power failures in extremely cold areas can be fatal. But with a portable generator, you will be able to power your space heater or keep the electric furnace running.

Suppose you live in the coastal areas where tornadoes and hurricanes are a common occurrence. Power outages resulting from damaged power lines can put you in the dark for a very long time. Owning a generator allows you to power up your home and live as comfortably as you would with the mains supply.

4. Backup Power for Businesses

Businesses that might be harmed when there is no power for a couple of hours would greatly benefit from having a portable generator. Such companies include those that offer internet-based services to their clients. Or those requiring their workforce to file task reports online, such as insurance firms and banks.

In addition, small businesses such as restaurants, markets, butcher shops, and farming operations rely on refrigerators to keep their stock fresh. Each type of business would benefit from a portable generator to power up the freezer when there is a power outage.

Besides these, some businesses are portable or located in remote areas. This includes food trucks or mobile shops requiring a portable outdoor power source to work.

If you’re working from home, having a generator would have even more benefits for you. Because you can use one device for all your business and home purposes, which we described above.

5. Power for Recreational Activities

A portable generator provides power while camping and for your RV. Therefore, you can enjoy the convenience of your home while camping. You can make coffee, cool the place down with an AC or cooling fans, and charge your electronic gadgets and appliances.

Moreover, using a generator can make any outdoor event much better with additional power, whether you’re having an outdoor birthday party, tailgating, or a wedding. A portable generator can provide power to plug in some extra lights, a stereo, or a projector for a film night will come in extremely handy. With portable power, you can host an indoor event outdoors without making compromises.

Although water and electricity don’t usually go together, you can find a marine generator if you like to spend your free time on a boat. Like in RVs, you can benefit from having electricity on while boating to cook, recharge your devices, or for entertainment purposes such as connecting speakers for music or a projector.

6. Power for Construction Sites

Builders at a construction site often require portable generators to power up tools and equipment, such as drills and power saws. These tools make work at the construction site easier. And the builders can cover a lot in a short period of time. A portable generator allows the professionals to power their tools and light up the place, so they can work through the night.

Sometimes the job site is your own home. Whether you’re working on your fence, in your yard, or maybe building something away from your house. You’ll need a way to power your tools. DIY-ing is much easier with the right tools. Constantly recharging and changing batteries can be a nightmare and prolong a project that would otherwise be done quickly. Having constant, steady power available will save you time and frustration.


Whether you need portable power or experience frequent power outages where you live, you will make good use out of a generator. Electric generators represent a reliable energy source, and you can choose the capacity and features you need to meet your requirements. In the 21st century, when having electricity is necessary for day-to-day life, owning a generator will pay off long term and provide you with a sense of safety.

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