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How to Change Generator Oil?

With regular maintenance, you can add years of use to your generator. Among other things, you should be changing the generator oil regularly to ensure optimal use. In this article, we’re going to discuss the process of changing the oil. Read on for a detailed explanation of all the steps and many tips and tricks … Read more

Appliance Wattage Chart | Power Consumption

In order to select the right generator size, you need to calculate how much energy you use. This is done by noting down the power consumption of all your appliances that will be running at the same time. This is where an appliance wattage chart comes in handy. We prepared a chart containing information on … Read more

Champion Power Equipment 8000-Watt Review | Tri-Fuel

The Champion 8000-watt tri-fuel generator is proof that new technologies are being developed every day to meet the market’s progressive needs. The market needs more flexible and reliable products. And the Champion Power Equipment 100416 tri-fuel generator checks many boxes. For full specs, pros and cons, read our Champion 8000-watt tri-fuel review below. Its capability … Read more

What is CARB Compliant Generator?

Almost 99% of the population is exposed to outdoor air pollution and low-quality air every day, according to WHO. It’s high time we take this threat seriously and do everything in our power to keep the air clean. This is where CARB compliance comes in. Of course, there are many ways to contribute. But if … Read more

Paralleling Generators (Running Generators in Parallel)

There is another way to get more power if you have increased power demands. Instead of buying a completely new, bigger generator, you can try paralleling generators. Although it may sound complicated, generator paralleling is pretty simple with all the instructions and kits available today. However, there are a couple of things you need to … Read more

How Long Can a Generator Run?

One of the worst power crises happened in February 2021 when severe winter storms hit the state of Texas. It left more than 4.5 million homes and businesses without grid power, and it took several days to restore it completely. As you can imagine, many people relied heavily on generators during that time, especially in … Read more

How Much Gas Does a Generator Use? (Fuel Consumption)

You can save a lot of money by thinking in advance about generator running costs. And when we say in advance, we mean even before you buy a generator. The reason for this lies in the fact that the type of generator and the fuel you choose will have a direct influence on how much … Read more

How Much Is A Generator? (Cost Overview)

The prices of generators vary depending on many factors. So it’s important to determine whether you need a generator and what your needs are to choose a unit that will serve you best without being heavy on your pocket or losing your money. Although generators have multiple uses and benefits for every household and business, … Read more

What Are Generators Used For?

There are multiple benefits of generators that are worth all the necessary maintenance and money you invest in them. Portable generators produce a steady power supply for your basic needs at home, work, and various common applications. Electric generators are convenient machines that provide electricity when there is no access to the power grid or … Read more

Best Dual Fuel Generator Reviews

Getting a dual fuel generator will allow for much more flexibility than you think a generator can provide. Even though setting up and using a generator comes with many rules and steps, this type can alleviate some of these concerns. While any generator can benefit your home, portable dual fuel generators are hard to beat … Read more